Understanding Military Ranks: From Lowest to Highest

This expert SEO guide explains military ranks from lowest to highest, including enlisted personnel, non-commissioned officers (NCOs), and commissioned officers.

Understanding Military Ranks: From Lowest to Highest

Enlisted personnel are at the bottom of the military hierarchy, with non-commissioned officers (NCOs) in the middle and commissioned officers at the top. Enlisted personnel can become NCOs, giving them command authority. NCOs are enlisted personnel who are promoted due to their technical experience. Commissioned officers are leaders appointed by government documentation (by commission).The lowest rank among enlisted personnel is the eighth sergeant major of the Army Base, abbreviated as CPL.

This rank has the same experience and skills as a commanding sergeant major, but serves as an enlisted senior advisor to a battalion staff officer or higher. Just above this rank is the sergeant major in the Army. Higher-level technical and tactical experts support brigade, division, corps, upper echelons and major command operations.The next rank is normally commanded by a captain, with a first sergeant as the commander's chief assistant. This is generally the starting rank for most commissioned officers.

He generally commands battalion-sized units (300 to 1000 soldiers), with a commanding sergeant major as chief assistant to non-commissioned officers.Above this rank is a lieutenant colonel with a commanding sergeant major as the main assistant to non-commissioned officers. He generally commands units the size of a brigade (1500 to 3200 soldiers). This rank is normally under the command of a colonel, although in some cases a brigadier general may assume command.The next rank is commanded by a major general assisted by two major brigadier generals who perform functions as subdivision commanders, one maneuvering and the other supporting. The commanding sergeant major is the principal assistant to non-commissioned officers.At the highest level is a lieutenant general, assisted by a commanding sergeant major and a large staff of the Corps.

This rank performs important tactical operations and carries out sustained battles and confrontations.