Everything You Need to Know About Kentucky's Military-Friendly Benefits

Discover all you need to know about Kentucky's military-friendly benefits including state taxes, education benefits, employment benefits & more.

Everything You Need to Know About Kentucky's Military-Friendly Benefits

Kentucky is one of the most military-friendly states in the United States, and our actions prove it. Our mission at KCMA is to continue to make it an even better place for our service members, veterans and their families. From state taxes to education benefits, employment benefits, unemployment insurance, motor vehicle licenses, health and insurance benefits, parks and recreation benefits, and miscellaneous U. S.

benefits, Kentucky has a lot to offer its military personnel. The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KCVA) provides a variety of Kentucky military resource locations to help service members and their families access the benefits they are entitled to. To learn more about the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs Field Operations, visit their website.What are the state tax benefits for Kentucky military and veterans? Military personnel are exempt from Kentucky income tax. The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) does not withhold state or local income tax, but is reported annually on IRS Form 1099-R.

All TSP distributions are subject to state taxes and early distributions may result in higher taxes.Retirees from the Kentucky military may be subject to income taxes on disability compensation and disability pension payments paid to veterans or their families, grants for homes designed to live in a wheelchair, motor vehicle subsidies for veterans who lost sight or use of their limbs, or the benefits of a dependent care assistance program. For more information on these taxes, refer to IRS Publication 525.What are the educational benefits for Kentucky military and veterans? The following individuals may be eligible for all favorable personnel actions: Vietnam War veterans who served between August 5, 1964 and February 28, 1973; active service members in Kentucky only to be with the active duty service member; spouses of military members who are residents of another state; members of the Kentucky National Guard; those who have completed basic training or its equivalent; those who died while serving active duty in the U. Armed Forces; those who died as a direct result of a service-related disability as determined by the VA; those who are totally disabled (not service-related) with wartime service; those who died and lived in Kentucky at the time of death and served during a period of war; and those eligible for all favorable personnel actions (not marked).The Kentucky Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children facilitates the early enrollment of children from military families and ensures that they are not disadvantaged due to the difficulty in transferring education records from the previous school district or variations in income or age requirements. It also facilitates student placement through which children from military families are not harmed by variations in attendance requirements, scheduling, sequence, grade, course content, or evaluation.

It also facilitates qualification and eligibility for enrollment, educational programs, and participation in extracurricular academic, sports and social activities. In addition, it promotes timely graduation of children of military families by providing for the application of administrative regulations that implement the provisions of this pact. It also promotes coordination between this pact and other pacts affecting Military children as well as flexibility and cooperation between the education system, parents and the student in order to achieve student educational success.In order for a school to be eligible for the Purple Star Award, it must name a school liaison who is specially trained to address the unique challenges faced by military families. This link will ensure that other teachers at your school are aware of the special considerations that students from military families can benefit from.

Each school will also have a dedicated page on their school's website with resources for military families. What are my employment benefits for Kentucky military and veterans? Once an employee has been discharged from active service or training, they must return to their previous position with the same seniority, status, salary or any other right or benefit to which they are entitled. Employers are not required to grant paid leave of absence. Who is eligible for a National Guard license for active duty or training? Service members who serve in the National Guard are entitled to a license for active duty or training.

Learn more about licensing for members of the National Guard Service for active duty or training. Employees who are spouses of military members may be eligible for paid days off when their spouse is deployed. Certain current state or local government employees who are members of the reserve component service and take a leave of absence when called to federal active duty during a national emergency are eligible to receive a free service credit for their time on active duty. Members of the Armed Forces Service can purchase a service credit from the reserve component at a rate of one month of service credit for every six months of service provided.

Veterans who served in an active or reserve component of the U. Armed Forces and received an honorable or general discharge (under honorable conditions) may be eligible for this credit as well as members of the Service who are currently serving in an active or reserve component of the United States Armed Forces; spouses of an eligible veteran or current member of the Service; unmarried surviving spouses of a deceased veteran; dependent parents of a disabled or deceased veteran.